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The Chard family have been firs identified in 1735 when Hannah Chard of Emborow married Thomas James of Ston Easton on 15/5/1735 in Chewton Mendip. Ann Chard of Chewton married Richard Redley of Chewton on 26/4/1736 in Chewton Mendip and it is reasonable to assume they were sisters
 William Chard was granted a lease for land in Emborough for the life of his son, a shoemaker in Wales in 1798. Joseph and Thomas Chard were listed as renting more than one acre under a yearly tenancy in Ston Easton in 1840. Henry Chard  was listed as a tenant of Edmund Broderib in Ston Easton in 1840
 Elizabeth Chard was a spinster when she married Samuel Loxton a bachelor yeoman, both of Emborough. The wintesses were Samuel (father) and John Loxton. Other witnesses were Robert and Maria Chard and Moses Hill. It is not clear what relationship there was between this Elizabeth Chard and William Frederick chard. The Embororough Loxtons family tree identifes other members of this branch of the Chard family.
 William Frederick Chard was born in about 1832 in Ston Easton. He married Elizebeth Martha Curtis on 30th March 1865 in Chewton Mendip. He died in 1882.
William Chard senior, was aged 48, and was a publican born Ston Easton. Living in Temple Inn at Cameley in 1881. He had married Elizabeth M Curtis. Various members were living with hin according to the 1881 census. Charles, the son of William and Elizabeth was aged 12 born Cameley. Bessie, their daughter, was aged 15 born Cameley.William junior who was the son of William and Elizabeth was aged 9 and a scholar born Cameley Kate the daughter of William and Elizabeth was aged 1 month, she was born Cameley . Emily S Chard was the granddaughter of Charles Anstee Curtis, she was aged 5 and a scholar. She was also born Temple Cloud. She was living with Elizabeth her grandmother and family in Temple Inn Camley in 1871.
Charles Ansty Chard was born Temple Cloud in 1868. His parents were William and Elizabeth Martha (nee Curtis) the Ansty middle name is significant. He was the publican at the Waldegrave Arms in the early years of the 20th century.
 Florence, the wife of Charles Ansty Chard, was aged 27 in 1901. She was born Farrington Gurney. Hannah Culliford Chard was the mother-in-law of Charles Ansty Chard, she was widow aged 47 born Farrington Gurney. The Culliford middle name is significant.
Mary Ann Chard  was the sister-in-law of Charles Ansty Chard. She was  aged 19  and was living at the Waldegrave Arms Chewton Mendip 1914 and helped in the business. She was born Ston Easton.
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