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Nedge Farm

Nedge Farm LaneNedge farm can be seen from a distance in the page about Nedge but this picture shows the track that used to run from the main road past The Old Foundry but is now blocked off.
Nedge FarmNedge farm is not mentioned by name in the 18th century churchwarden accounts or poor-law records and most of the site is now the Uphills agricultural business and a number of private houses. The 18th century records refer to a number of farms in the Middlesex tithing which could have been the buildings seen in the extract of the 1794 map. The track which is now a field was a major road in 1794 leading to plot 326 which is the modern Nedge Farm. The wide open space may be where the earlier road ran. The lower row of cottages would have been standing in front of the field marked 898 but they were built in 1810.
Nedge Farm is not shown in the 1800 map but it, and  both the lower and upper row of cottages are shown in the 1839 map when Nedge Farm was occupied by John Bendle 
 It was still a Waldegrave property farmed by Percy Watts the tenants lunchin the 1950s.
 Goat 2Nedge Farm is no longer an operational farm but most people combined a trade or profession such as blacksmithing with running a small holding which may have included a few goats so there is somthing symbolic about a former road being returned to a field.
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