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John Bown, Bowne, or Brown was appointed vicar of Chewton Mendip in 1662 replacing Richard Long. That is the only information the list of incumbents of Chewton Mendip provides. the Rev John Bowne as the Clergy database identifies him shows he was ordained in London in 1645. This source describes him as a rector which implies he had acquired the church lands of Chewton Mendip. Cornelius Burges is known to have bought the land that had been confiscated from the Bishop of Bath & Wells during the commonwealth period. It is not known if the Bishop of Bath & Wells owned the church land in Chewton Mendip but they probably had some control over some of the land.  John Bown may have bought the church land when it was re-confiscated from Cornelius Burgess. Other information suggests that the Kingsmills were already in possession of the advowson of Chewton Mendip and had a strong London connection so perhaps they were involved in his appointment?
A curate called Nathanial Till-Adam had been dismissed the year before whilst John Bown was the vicar. It is probable that Nathaniel Till-Adam had been dismissed for his parliamentarian sympathies. However, none of this explains what had happened to John Bown when he was replaced by Edmund Quarles.
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