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Chewton Field House

Chewton Field HouseChewton Field House is near Bathway on the road to Embrough next to Hilliside and Hillview Cottages. It used to belong to the  Waldegraves who may have built it for one of their estate managers. It used to be called Brynmawr which is beleived to mean ‘big hill’ in Welsh. Maurice Payne lived next door in Churnwell House and may have that house built.
Chewton Field HouseThere was a building of some sort either on the site of this house or Churnewll House shown in the 1794 map. The road it is on used to be called Acridge Lane and is close to a field called Acridge in 1839. A Lease dated 1766 suggests the building was a blacksmiths run by the Gait family but they may have lived on the other side of the Bathway cross roads. It is possible that Lewis Theiry lived nearby, or rented fields,  sometime during the 18th century. He, other Huguenots may have lived in Rouse Corner.
The site is empty in the 1840 map and 1902 map which suggests the house was built in the Edwardian period.
 An old lease refers to a bungalow which is now called Folly Bungalow which was a District Nurse’s bungalow in the 1950s and 1960s.
 Chewton Field House is not to be confused with Chewton Field Farm.
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