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Purnell’s Farm

Purnell’s farm was near Sperrings Green , Coles and was probably based on Rookery Farm. The farmhouse may have been considered to be in the West End or Town tithing but it was recorded under the Middlesex tithing. The Purnel family were resident in Chewton Mendip from the mediaeval period onwards but the  1740 map shows the farm had already been absorbed into the lands held by the Hunt family.
The Purnel holdings may have been split into two. The 18th century churchwarden and poor book refers to  ‘Purnels’ and ‘Purnels Parks’ which may have been an alternative name for the parkland that stretched from Chewton Priory to Hollow  Marsh. Some of this land may have been taken on by the Yorke family.
A record held in the Hampshire archives, (41M89/313) dated 1779 describes  “2 pieces of ground called Purnells Parks, 4 acres, 3 rods, 6 perches, and 2 pieces of ground called South Parks, 6 acres, 1 rod, 20 perches”. The 1800 map shows Purnell’s Lane was in the East End.
One possibility for the site of the Purnels farm house is shown in the 1794 and  1839 maps but it was occupied as separate cottages by that date. The site is not shown in the 1902 map
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