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Tor Hole

Tor HoleTor Hole  is one site of former mines  and may include land in the West End and Middlesex tithings.The building  in the field marked 582 was built in 1785 according to the stone in the wall of the house. It is now known as Tor Hole Cottage. Part of  field 582 was later incorporated into the mine working. The building marked with a yellow dot to the right of Tor Hole cottage has been demolished.
 The 1740 map identifies a number of miners living in the area. It is assumed they worked in the lead mine called ‘Bishops’.
The other building marked with a yellow dot has been demolished but the walls can still be seen in the Mineries cottage which is the building next to it and is still standing. The road that is marked Tor Hole was probably the main road at the time but it is no just a footpath and the road that forms the lower side of the triangle is now the metalled road.
 The building on the other side of the road from the Mineries is called The Cottage and is still occupied.
 There are buildings  on the site marked with the yellow dot in the top left hand corner of the map which may have been demolished or  may be what is now called Keepers Cottage.
 The  private water supply installed by the Waldegraves and conifer forest that was probably originally planted after World War 1 has changed the landscape significantly.
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