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Emborough ChurchEmborough is a village a mile to the west of Chewton Mendip. It is now hardly more than the church and a few scattered farms and houses but it was once a relatively significant place.
Ston Easton from Emborough ChurchIt was the original home of the Hippisley family before they moved to Ston Easton. It was a condition of the occupancy of Manor Farm, the Hippisley’s previous home, that the view of Emborough from their ‘new house’ (Ston Easton Park) was not obscured. Both Ston Easton Park and Ston Easton Church can still be seen.
Both Ston Easton and Emborough were subsidiary chapel of Chewton Mendip for most of its history and was served by the vicar of Chewton Mendip and the land owners paid their tithes to the Kingsmill family.
 The oldest branch of the Loxton family can be traced back to Emborough but the close proximity meant that members of many families  of Chewton Mendip lived in Emborough.
Many farms in the East End tithing also included fields in Emborough some farms in Embourogh included land in Chewton Mendip or were so close as to make it difficult to differentiate. Swallow Pits Farm , Redhill and the Gore are examples.
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