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Acridge LaneAcridge is just one big field bordering Puppy Lane and what is now called the Eborough Road but the extract from the 1794 map shows it was then several fields and what is now the Emborough Road was called Acridge Lane. Acridge could have been in the East End or Town tithings.
There are no references to this estate in the churchwarden accounts which start in 1699 but there is a record in the poor book dated 1745 when Lewis Thiery was paying for Acridge and Clarks. It is known that the Thiery and Clark families were linked by marriage. The site of the modern Chewton Field House is the most likely location for a house associated with Acridge.
The Acridge estate may have been what is now called Cutlers Green Farm on the basis that it is the only known farm on what was called Acridge lane. Franklyns Farm ,  Double Farm  and White Stile were other farms known to have been on the Emborough Road and there are there are other prospects  for where Lewis Theory was living in 1766.
 Accridge is shown as a single field in the 1839 tithe map. It was part of East End Farm until that ceased to be an operational farm.
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