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Bendall’s Grove

Bendalls Farm siteThis is all that is left of Bendals Grove Farm. Eakers Hill is to the top left of this picture and Grove Farm is to the right. There are references to an farm called Bendles, in the churchwarden accounts which start in 1699 and the poor book dated 1730 to 1769. Most of the records put Bendall’s Farm in the West End and that it belonged to the Waldegrave family. The 1740 map suggests it was a Sacrafield property occupied by the Curtis and Pain families.
Bendalls GroveBendles is not named in the 1794 map but is believed to be the buildings marked with a green spot. The extract on the right shows that what is now a conifer plantation called Bendall’s Grove was once farmland.  Paynes Pond  is to the right of this extract Coombs may have been at the top of this map.
 The site occupied by John Culliford in 1839 but it was probably not a seperate farm at the time as he probably lived in nearby Grove Farm.
Hazel farm was an alternative name that was used in the 18th century and persisted until the modern era. This suggests it may have once belonged to the Roynan family or links to the family may refer to Hazel Manor near Compton Martin.
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