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Chewton Field

Chewton Field  is the name of one of the few remaining working  farms  in the village and it was the name give to two field involved in the sale of parts of Parsonage Farm in 1785. Chewton plain is a term used to describe the flat land between Chewdown and Ston easton  and the 1766 map is particularly indistinct in this part of Chewton Mendip.  The 1794 map shows that there were mainly fields with some small buildings on the site. The lack of an estate on the site of  Chewton Fields in the 18th century is also suggested by the lack of  reference to anything like it in the 18th century churchwarden and poor law accounts.
 The Hampshire Archive which holds the details of the 1785 sale states there were two fields given the numbers 20 and 21 but the corresponding map has not yet been found. It was grouped with Maltmead which is known to be close by and  Crofts Mead  which may have been in the   East End titheing.
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