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John Wattes was a tenant in Emborough in 1448. He was a miller when Emborough Pond was a mill pond. A Peter Watt was  a monk at Witham Friary who was recorded as giving evidence, possibly deterimental, in events that lead to the dissolution of the monasteries in 1534. There is no evidence that they were from the same family or that the the other people with the same surname are related.
Somerset archive record DD\X\TLN/1 is for the will of  Jewell Watts of Chewton Mendip dated 1655
 James Watts of Paulton married Martha Gregory of Paulton in Chewton Mendip on 21 Jun 1736. Sophia Watts of Paulton married James Bayley of Paulton in Chewton Mendip on 13 Aug 1743. This could  have meant that Martha Gregory or Sophia Watts had family ties to Chewton Mendip. Alternatively, it could be a reflection that Paulton was linked to Chewton Mendip via the Kingsmill  family who held the right to appoint the clergymen of several villages in th area.
Jonathan Watts was the ‘base born’ (illegitimate) son of Betty Watts  and Thomas Dowling. Jonathan was born on 8/11/1769 and baptised on 12/11/1769 which was a sign he was not expected to live long and he was buried on 20/12/1769.
Mary Watts was the mother of three of  John King’s children at he turn of the 18th/19th centuries. There can be little doubt that the children were illegitimate because the eldest son was christened John King Watts. However, it is not certain if the father was the same Mr King who had been paying poor rates for part of ‘Loxtons’ and may have been running a pub.
Various members of the Watts family appear in the records of most of the local villages but the next record of the Watts in Chewton Mendip found so far is when Alfred Watts  was examined concerning the theft of 3 geese etc property of Robert Cozens of Chewton Mendip 20 Dec 1850. He was tried by J Scobbel.
 The Watts family may have already have been responsible for one or more  farms in Chewton Mendp. James Watts may hae been the tenant of and East End Farm in 1870 when his children were attendingg Chewton Mendip school.
Henry Watts was a tenant at Eakers Hill from 1861 to 1889 at least. It is possible that two generations of Henry Watts were involved. Some members of the Wats family were probably still living in Eakers Farm in the early 20th century.
Ernest Watts and they were living at Quarrs Farm are farm when his attended Chewton Mendip school until they moved to Ston Easton in 1902.
 Beatrice Watts of Chewton Mendip, spinster,  was granted  a messuage known as Lynch House, Chewton Mendip, 1 Apr 1927 by the late Alfred Willcox.
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