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Hazel Manor

Hazel Manor LodgeHazel Manor is part of Compton Martin and that village was part of the Chewton Hundred but  Hazel Manor was still paying tithes to the Kingsmills in 1839.  Hazel Manor now refers to quite an extensive patch of woodland and on the Mendips but there was once a gothic stile house, similar to Mr Jenkins house, there. That burnt down in the 1930s so all that remains is the lodge shown on the left.
The origional connection may have been through mining  or the Knights Templar. Several parish boundaries meet near this point on the Mendips. Hazel Manor  is not shown on the  1794 map  although parts of the West End and  Middlesex  tithings near  Priddy  are shown and Hazel Manor is not far from that village.
Some references to Wills Farm may apply to one of the farms in Hazel Manor and some of the land of Eakers Hill farm  or other farms in West End may have been within the boundary of Hazel Manor. There was also a Hazel Farm in Chewton Mendip but that was also known as Bendalls Grove.
 Somerset archives hold 19 boxes of records from a Bristol firm of solicitors which included records about Hazel Manor. DD\OB/1 to DD\OB/4 and DD\OB/20 and DD\OB/24 are the relevant boxes but these are mainly concerned with the 19th century.
The earliest document listed in the on-line catalogue is date 1814 when Charles Wilkins was the owner but took out a mortgage.
 Henry Richards bought the estate in 1854 but the Poole family were the owners when Anne Poole of Shoreditch in Pitminster who died in 1868 left it in her will.
 Adolphus Ennor sold it in 1883 and  Sir Edward Stock Hill, KCB was the owner in 1900 when he left it in his will.
The Hampshire archives do not appear to hold much information about Hazel Manor despite the Kingsmill link.
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