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Agricultural shows

Farrington Gurney Young Farmer's club Poultry winnersAgricultural shows such as the Bath & West show are mainly seen as social  event but they started with a major part of the commercial side of  farming. They evolved out of the fairs and markets that some towns and villages were allowed to operate but they developed an educational aspect in the modern era. This picture shows some of the original members of the Farrington Gurney Young Farmers Club who won first prize for their poultry in a national exhibition held in London.  Norah Speed is seated on the left, Brian Green is standing behind her. This picture was taken c 1936.
Farington Gurney Show  Norah Speed, now Norah Green,  is on the left. Showing animals is more than a beauty parade. Unlike dogs, these are animals bread for a commercial purpose so the competition helps to promote high standards within the livestock.
Harry Green and Edgar Speed judging All of these photographs were originally published in newspapers or trade magazines and the copies were supplied by Norah Green. This picture shows Harry Green and Edgar Speed judging root vegetables.
Edgar Speed and Bert Gallop judging at Blagdon Ploughing SocietyThis time the judges are Edgar Speed and Bert Gallop and the location was the Blagdon Ploughing Society show.
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