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Ston Easton

Ston Easton Church 001Ston Easton is a village a mile to the north west of Chewton Mendip but its history is even more closely linked than it proximity would suggest. The vicar of Chewton Mendip was also the vicar of Ston Easton for most of its history and the land owners paid their tithes to the Kingsmill family.
Ston Easton was the seat of the Hippisley family for centuries who built fine house seen on the left. The Hippisley started in Emborough and they played an important role in all three villages. They also owned land in Cameley.
 Ston Easton was originally two or more manors and Clare Hall below may have been the site of the original manor house. The first picture is in colour, the second is in black and white. All of these images have been provided by Pat and Dave Hellard. Geofrey Loxton, a former resident of Ston Easton and a noted local historian was not clear about the  origins of the name or the building itself.
 A number of other Ston Easton families feature in the history of Chewton Mendip such as Curtis, Dory and Frapwell.
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