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There are records of the  family living in Chewton Mendip from th 17th to 19th centuries. They may have been churchwarden but they appear in the poor law records of the 18th century as recipients of poor relief. They appear most of the typical situations as victims of smallpox and apprentices but some records provide an insight to other stories.
 Charles Plenty  married Elizabeth Selway  on 11/11/1745. They had several children baptised in Chewton Mendip and Elizabeth was probably the widow Plenty or Betty Plenty referred to in several  records in the late 18th century. A Charles Plenty was summonsed to give evidence in a dispute between members of the Selway family in 1772 and was probably he man who had married Elizabeth Selway in 1745.
A George Plenty was a Kingsmills tenant in 1791.
Sarah Plenty  was living in the Folly when she was described as the grandmother of Edwin Smith who was attending Chewton Mendip school in 1872.
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