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Page 2230 is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and is part of a table of estate and occupiers who took apprentices as part of their poor law obligations which were not popular. The ‘rules’ were specified in 1754 as documented in page 2227 and follows on from page 2229. The matrix continues on sheet 2231.
 The reference to Bickersfield is a bit of an anomaly. No other references to that name has yet been found.
The transcribed text is in italic.
Mr Butcher 24 For Wasons Took James Dale
29 Joseph Roswell 8 For his whole estate in the
Widow Green 9 2 For her whole estate 2 things Year 1769
30 Mr William Hippisley 28 10 For his roofless estate Took George Smith
William Dudden Jun 12 For Whites  in the
40 10 Year 1770
William Correy Esq 14 For part of the Parsonnage
Ditto 7 For Thistles
31 Thomas Curtis 6 For his whole estate Took William Heal
Thomas Palmer 40 10 For his whole estate in the
John Corp 4 10 For his whole estate Year 1774
Philip Plenty 2 For his whole estate
Widow Curtis 3 For here whole estate
41 10
The Rev W Taswell 31 10 For his whole state late Hippisley Took Hester Tovey
32 Richard Yorke 8 For his whole estate  in the
William Hibbert 15 For Holly Marsh Ground year 1771
Mr Millard & Adderly 32 15 For the other part of the Manor of Hasell Took Elizabeth Clarke
The Occupiers of Bicksfield 4 10 For Bickersfield  in the
33 Willim Cory Esq 3 For Scutsill year 1771
John Sheppard 15 For Holly Marsh Ground
Francis Palmer 21 15 For Yorks part of Curtise Inmead and Lyes Took Jn Heal
34 Mrs Beaumont 8 For her whole estate  in the
Daniel Burges 42 Year 1775
41 15
35 The Hon Earl Waldegrave 22 10 For Wiches and Sperrings Took Julia Foord
Ditto 7 10 For Yorks Parks  in the
Ditto 11 10 For Moggs Parks Year 1776
41 10
36 Mr Dallimore 27
Mr Thomas Pain 13 10
Mr William Hippisley 30 Tho Corp & Others Took William Jones
37 James Dudden 7 For the New Inn & Paddock in the year 1779
Mr Hart 5 For the other Part of his estate
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