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Thomas Cutler was a signatory to a ruling of the Mineral Court held for the Lord of the manor of Chewton, 10th November 1701. William Cutler had two children, James and Margaret, baptised in Chewton Mendip in 1726 and 1728. It is probable that William was married to Lydia who was listed as a widow in 1730 when her daughter, Margaret was buried but no family link between Thomas or William Cutler has yet been established. These are the only references to a family called Cutler living in Chewton Mendip found so far and this is scant evidence to base the theory that  Cutlers Green was named after the family.
The Churchwarden accounts start in 1699 and the poor-law records  dated from c1730 to 1780 have recently been rediscovered and there is no record of anyone called Cutler paying rates in those records. You did not need to be wealthy to pay rates in the 18th century any more than you do today. Most people had a small holding to grow food for themselves and their animals. It is possible a busy cross roads was named after a poor cottager who did not have to pay rates but that is unlikely. The 1794 map shows there were several farms  and other properties within half a mile of the cross roads.
 These issues are not terminal for the theory that Cutlers Green is named after the family. Some of the site was a  Kingsmill property until 1848  so it is not surprising that the Cutler family are not mentioned in the Waldagrave records from 1766.
 Cutlers Green is halfway between Embororough  and Bathway so it is not too far from mining areas in Red Hill and Eakers Hill.
 Sperrings Green, Sages Farm and  Scutts Hill are all examples of areas that have retained the names of their 17th century occupiers long after the people left them.
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