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Most of the Frapwell (or Frappell/Frappall) family  may have  lived in Ston Easton or Emborough. One branch related to the Lasburys  were based in High Littleton but all three families were listed in the churchwardens accounts  and poor records for Chewton Mendip
Freereg has some early Frapwell marriages; e.g. William Frapwell married Elizabeth Sherborne at Emborough on 6th May 1605, and Thomas Frapwell married Ann Hippisley at Emborough on 25th December 1635.
 The Hippisley link is significant because they were the major land owners in Ston Easton and Emborough. Somerset archives contain a record (Q/SR/4/93), an examination, regarding the theft of a livery cloak from John Frapwell at William Hippisley’s house, dated 2nd January 1609. This would suggest that this record refers to the William Hippisley  who was  baptised 1587 in Emborough, he was a great-grandson of John Hippisley I, and was probably living in Manor Farm Emborough.  He may have been living in  Lower East End farm, Chewton Mendip at the time.
Richard and Henry Frappell were listed the Hearth tax returns  for Emborough in 1670.
 Henry Frapell married Rachel Wilcox about1720 in Chewton Mendip (both of Chewton) and had at least three daughters baptised  in Chewton Mendip
Thomas Frappell was the tenant of ‘Emborough Farm’ in 1755 when he was listed in a bond for  Martha Cooper of Farrington Gurney who he may have employed as a servant. He was listed as living in Chewton Mendip so the ‘Emborough Farm’ could have applied to one of the Redhill properties.
Richard Frapall was a Chewton Mendip overseer in 1775  but he may have lived in one of the other parishes but rented land in Chewton Mendip.
Mr Frapell was listed as paying tax on land in Ston Easton in 1781 but he was not listed as owning it in 1779. He could have been related to any of the people listed or the Richard Frappal who was the overseer.
 Richard Frapwell was paying tithes in Chewton Mendip in 1840 and the ‘w’ in place of the second ‘p’ had become a permanent element of the name.
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