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Adams Grove

Adams GroveThere is not much left of Adams Grove Farm  apart from the ruins of a barn. The Adams family may have lived here in the 17th or 18th century. This is probably the Adams farm in the Middlesex tithing mentioned in the 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor book .  The Adams family probably gave their name to Adams Corner in West End and and Adams Lane in the East End tithing.
Adams GroveThe extract from the 1794 map shows the approximate position of what was Adams Grove farm in fields marked 237 and 244a. Tor Hole is at the top left of this extract, Nedge Lane is to the right, Nedge is to the left and bottom. The buildings next the field numbered 237 are no longer standing, only the ruins of a possibly later farm building remains.
Adams Grove SpringAdams Grove may not look very inspiring and it is on the north facing side of the valley but there is spring there to explain why it was chosen as the site of a farm. Lasbury lane used to define the northern edge of the Mendip Forest and connected Adams Grove with Nedge.
 A number of people were listed as paying rates for the various Adams properties but the Waldegrave were probably the owners by that time.
 The 1839 maps show the farm-house and buildings were still standing in and may have been more significant that Everards Farm. Edmund Fry was listed as the occupier of both farms but he appeared to have been living in Adams Grove.
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