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Nedge Cottages Upper Row

Nedge Cottages Upper rowNedge is the southernmost ridge that defines the southern boundary of the valley that contains Chewton Mendip. The houses shown on the left are the nearest to the ‘edge’ of the hill that opens out onto the top of the Mendip Hills and Green Ore.  The Road continues downhill towards Bathway. The cottages are below the main road and may not be noticed when driving down the hill. Lasbury lane used to define the northern edge of the Mendip Forest and this area was called Nedge Gate in the 1740 map. The 1640 map suggests this area was called Nedge Cross.
Nedge Cottages Upper Row dateNeither this row or a lower set of cottages are shown in the  1794 map  and the stone in the wall would appear to confirm that there was nothing on this site untill 1832. Therefore, this site would not feature in the 18th century churchwarden or  poor law records. However, this was part of the of the Middlesex tithing and the parish boundaries were not clear. The modern road may appear to define the boundary between the East and West End but that road was not built until 1754. The location of these cottages may define the route of the earlier road which may have joined the village via Jenks Lane but Rouse Corner suggests there was some form of route connecting Nedge to Bathway.
 The Hippisely family are one prospect for the people who are commemorated by the initial ‘H’. A William Hippisley died in 1838 so he was in the right place and time, and had the money and motivation, to build cottages for his farm workers. He probably farmed in East End but Nedge Farm  Everards farm are close by.
The 1839 map shows a cottage and garden which was leased by Esther Maggs and occupied by William Maggs. He was probably living in the cottage with the date stone which is the second one in the picture shown. It may have been a small holding, or farm, to justify the separate lease and single occupancy but there is evidence that some of the cottages in the terrace were built at a later date.
 The Victorian school register makes several references to people living in Nedge but those records are not clear about which house people lived in.
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