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The Driall or Dryal family were probably reasonably wealthy in the 17th century because they have left their name in the village in Drials lane which is shown in the 1794 map . Drials Lane conects  The Folly  with Coles Lane (east) and Lynch Farm is a prospect for the location of Drials Farm.
There are references to a John Driall in Chewton Mendip dated 1610 and another John Dryall was signing the churchwarden accounts in 1710.
 There are references to Drialls/Dryalls in the poor books of the middle of the 18th century but the latter records refer to them as recipients of poor relief or suffering the indignity of a removal order.
James Dryall [Drial], his wife Mary, and their children were removed from Shepton Mallet to Chewton Mendip. The Justices of the Peace were Gerard Martin, Thomas Coward. The date was 10th March 1778 and the source is Somerset archive Q/SR/346/2/23.
No more recent records of the Driall family in Chewton Mendip have yet been found.
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