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Old Smithy Chew Head

What is now called the Old Smithy in the centre of the village was described as a cottage in 1740 when it was owned by the Waldegrave but occupied by James Green and his daughter, Mary.
The site was described as close to Cholwell which is confusing because that was the name of a field in Hollowmarsh whilst the cottage was in the Town tithing. However, the field was probably named by the Mogg family who lived at Barrow Farm (Golledge)  before they moved to Cholwell  so perhaps part of Barrow Farm was known as Cholwell.
 James Dudden was described as a carpenter in 1745 and  blacksmith who held a lease for a nearby property in 1746. The blacksmith had three children in 1745. John was six, Elizabeth was nine and James was 14. James senior  may have later built a blacksmith’s shop on the site of the cottage because it was conveniently close to the river.
The Duddens also held a lease for a cottage and garden next to a brook  c1746 that confusingly was occupied by Francis Brook in 1740. This may have been on the site of the old Wladegrave Arms.
The 1746 Dudden lease also refers to land on Chewdown and an Inn, probably the New Inn.
 The 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor-law records make reference to the Duddens involved in a number of trades but he 1794 map does not indicate if the function of the building was.
 Several families operated as blacksmiths in the area but it was described as a house and garden occupied by John Dalimore in 1839
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