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Susannah Gane married Roger Brown on 9/11/1735 in Chewton Mendip. They had several children baptised in Chewton Mendip in the mid 18th century.
The Gane family must have been living in Chewton Mendip before Susannah’s wedding because they are listed in 18th century  poor-law records. No reference to them has yet been found in the 18th century churchwarden accounts.
Neither has any record of the Gane family has  been found in Victorian records for Chewton Mendip school but these records have not be reviewed thoroughly.
George Gane had a distinguished record in  World War One. He used the skills he learnt as a butcher before the war to great effect in the trench warfare of the western front. He understandably avoided butchery after the war but continued farming and his wife ran a sweet shop in Lower Street.
 His war-time experience may have changed his attitude to a number of things. He was the first person to break the local ‘law’ of not working on Sunday when he continued haymaking one Sunday. Once he had broken the rule, other farmers soon followed suit.
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