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Drials Lane

Drials Lane Drials Lane is now a pleasant, although often muddy, bridle way that connects the The Folly  and Coles Lane but it was once a significant road. It may have formed part of the perimiter of the Town tithing which continued along Wheatfield Lane.
Drials LaneThe extract from the 1794 map show Drials Lane. The Folly is at the top left, the lane leading towards the bottom of the page leads to Dudwell Lane and Quarrs Farm in at the bottom roughly in the middle. Coles Lane (East End) can be seen on the right which formed a cross roads with Wheatfield Lane.
 There  is little doubt the road was named after the Drial family and are a number of possibilities for the location of the 17th century Drials Farm but what has been called Lynch Farm is the best prospect.
 There are reference to Drials in the 18th century churchwarden accounts  and poor books  and the 1766 Ledgers provide other clues that Drials farm would have been at the bottom of the lane rather than the top.
 Most of the fields were owned by Waldegrave family but the od shaped  Kingsmill field still had connections with the church in living memory.
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