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Double Farm

 Double FarmThis extract from the 1794 map shows the approximate location of Double farm. Other records confirm the building was standing at the time and the map shows that it was owned by the Kingsmill family which is why it is blank. The blue spot marks Franklyns farm, the white spot locates Whitestile. Swallow Pits farm is in the blank space at the bottom of the map. All of the buildings marked with yellow are no longer standing. The unmarked buildings next to numbers 73 and 74 were demolished within living memory and modern houses have been built on the site.
 There are a number of prospects for the names of the farms in the fields marked 207 and 53. The 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor books make references to several estates in the East End tithing but some of the farms may have been situated in other tithings or Emborough or Ston Easton.
 Old Gore Farm is marked on several older maps in nearby Emborough so one of these farms could have been The Gore’ mentioned in several records.
 There are reference to several people paying rates in several tithings and some of them were living in Ston Easton or Emborough. The Hippisley’s were significant land owners in all three villages.
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