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Weatfield Lane

 Wheatfield LaneA modern map describes the lane shown in this extract of the 1794 map .  The track was already a dead end by 1794 but it leads to one of the bronze age barrows in the centre of the village. It is possible that Wheatfield Lane once formed the permiter around the Town tithing. It can still be seen as a farm track leading from Coles Lane (east), which is on the left, to Whitemead or Whitefield and  Chew Down which is on the right.  The track used to form a cross roads with Drials Lane which is still a bridleway.
The Moore family were proprietors of  several fields in the village in the 18th century. Their farm may have been based at Red Hill but it included a field called Dryals Bottom which may be the field shown in this map.mentioned in the records of the 18th century.
Howewer, the 1766 ledgers only list  Waldegrave  properties so the fields marked Mr Moor probably belonged to the Kingsmill. But this supports the theory that the field called and Hart that can be seen was the site of The Drial Farm which has been given the name Lynch Farm.
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