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Old Gore

Old Gore Farm 001Old Gore is in Emborough parish but it is close to the parish boundary with Chewton Mendip. It may have been the site of the original Gore farm that appears in the records of Chewton Mendip  which was in the East End tithing of Chewton Mendip. The names could  have been a co-incidence. Gore means an odd shaped field.
This picture provides an idea of what many farms used to look like. The farmhouse was a relatively large, square-shaped building with a number of long narrow buildings that were cow stalls and stables that may have formed an enclosed yard.
The Old Gore is close to Paradise Lane which is opposite Swallow Pit Farm and forms part of the boundary between Chewton Mendip and Emborough.
Paradise Lane may once have held a farm in plot 53 of the 1794 Map which may have been Clarks Farm. It is no just a barn but the name of the fields given in the 1840 map confirms it was once a farm and the shape of the fields that farm may have been called The Gore at one time.
 A similar argument could be made for the  buildings shown in plot 207  of the 1794 map may have been the Greens Farm  or The Gore.
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