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Page 2146a is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and is clearly dated 1754. It lists some payments but the most significant part is an agreement to make extra contributions to the Wells Turnpike trust to ensure that the road was built. Robert Anstee was identified as the waywarden in other accounts but it was William Hunt, the Kingsmill’s agent, who was empowered to negotiate with the Turnpike trust. William Wright, the Waldegrave’s agent was also a signatory. William Hippisley’s agreement adds to the significance of the agreement. John Culliford was recently appointed as the vicar of Chewton Mendip. The churchwarden’s accounts show that he was preparing accounts for Thomas Dalimore’s estate called Reeves which is believed to have been what is now Eakers Hill farm. This probably meant that Thomas Dalimore did not have the literacy skills to prepare the accounts himself. It is not clear why John Beach signed, but he was the overseer in the previous year.
The transcribed text is in italic.
£ s d
Money paid since Easter 1754 0 0 0  
Paid Joan Buss in illness 0 2 0  
Paid her more 0 1 6  
Paid James Badman in illness 0 1 0  
Paid for the funerals & a fortnights pay pay to James Badman 0 19 0  
Paid for the instruction for the Highway ommited in the account 0 2 6  
Paid for the nomination warrents of the overseers 0 2 0  
Quit rent for the church house remitted 0 0 0  
Paid Joan Buss more in illness 0 1 6  
Total payments 1 12 0  
Burgise rates not collected 1 14 8  
Total since Easter 3 6 8  
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0 0 0  
Balance due to ye Parish 30 1 3  
  0 0 0  
At a meeting of the parishioners of Chewton on Friday the 16th day of August pursuant to notice these of gave to consider of a method for  further administering  the highway of the Parish, it is unanimously agreed by us who were present that the sum of twenty pounds be taken out of the Poor stock & be paid out on the Turnpike Road in Chewton according to the Direction of the Trustees of Wells Turnpike, provided the said Trustees will add these unto the sum of forty pounds to be apply d  on the said Road in Chewton & we do empower Mr Will Hunt to make the said proposal to the trustees of Wells Turnpike at these next or any other subsequent meeting. 0 0 0  
W Hunt        
John Culliford 0 0 0  
Will Hippisley 0 0 0  
John Beach 0 0 0  
Robert Anstee 0 0 0  
William Wright 0 0 0
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