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Hippisley Farm

Hippisley FarmHippisley Farm  was undoubtedly occupied by a member of  the Hippisley family who had several  farms in the East End of Chewton Mendip. It was acquired by the Waldegraves  some time before the 1950s. The 1902 map describes it as East End Farm and it is possible that the modern  East End Farm  and Lower East End Farm may have been called Hippisley farm in the past. Alfie Oakes is remembered as one of the ‘characters’ of the village who may have been the last person to farm at Hippisley Farm before it passed into private hands.
Hippisley FarmIt is possible there were several other farms owned by the Hippisleys. The extract from the 1794 map shows the site now occupied by the modern Hippisley farm and the outline of the old building can be seen in the modern building. Rowdens lane formed the boundary that is at the bottom of the map and there may have been a farm on the other side of the lane which has been called Honeywell Farm in this website. Honeywell cottage in Honeywell lane may have also been a farm.
 Mannings lane is nearby and there may have been a farm there and East End Cottages may have been built on the site of a farm.
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