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Vining dates on envelopesThe Vining family does not have a direct link to the history of Chewton Mendip but they are included because they feature in the family tree of the Loxtons and other families. A Vining family bible has found its way into my possession of the author of this through the family links.  The dates on an old (empty) envelope contained in the bible contains a list of baptism dates.
 William Vinning married a Sarah Tripp in Wookey on 12th May 1824.  They had at las six children including two called Anne and James. It is assumed that the elder Anne and James died as infants so it is assumed that it was the James who was born on 2nd June 1833 who married Martha Elizabeth Wookey and had the children whose baptisms were recorded on the envelope.
 One of their daughters, Henrietta (Etty) Vinning who was born in Polsham or Coxley in 1868. She married James Loxton at Ashcott Church in 1890. These were my great grandparents on my father’s side.
 It should be noted that Wookey is, like Loxton, both a local family name and the name of a village. In the case of Wookey, There are two villages. Wookey Hole is better known of the two because the caves and other tourist attractions.
 Richard Loxton Janurary 2013.
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