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 Willets Farm siteNothing is left of Willets Farm that may have been situated on the site shown on the left but there may have only been a barn on the site. Sages Farm is to the left and Rookery Farm is to the right of this picture. It is probable that this the would have been the view from the farmhouse that is also no longer standing.
 The only physical remains that can be seen are ruble and lime mortar at the entrance to rabbit burrows shown on the right about 50 meters from the site of Willets farm. It is possible that the buildings were demolished and the rubble tipped on this site or there may have been other buildings on this site that are  not shown on any of the maps. The probable site of the farmhouse can just bee seen in the middle distance.
Willets laneThe curving lane on the left  which connects watery coombe to Sperrings Green Farm is not named in the 1794 map but it is  still  called Willetts Lane in  modern maps. The Willets  name is recorded in the 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor book   when various people were paying rates for an estate called Willets in the West End or Middlesex tithings but there is no mention of the name Willets until 1750. It is possible that  some of the references to Burges Farm  applied to Willets and vice versa due to their close proximity.
 Francis Board was recorded as being a tenant in various holdings in the West End including Willets Sperrings Lane but that is closer to Eakers Hill. Another possibility is some references to Willets may be a miss-transcription of  Wills Farm which is near Priddy.
Willets FarmThe Board Family were also recorded as living in East End or Town, possibly in what is now Hillside or Hillview but the building shown in plot 359  marked by the yellow spot is the most likely place for their main residence. Plot 579 and the smaller plot to the left are in Griggs Pit.
The 1840 map  shows there was a  number of substantial buildings on the site which was occupied by John Thatcher. There was somthing in plot 399 that may just have been a barn which was occupied by Simon Ferris.
 Willets Lane siteThere was q quarry in Willets lane that has been closed for many years which was in the odd-shaped field which is not numbered but is next to field 358. The quarry has been closed for some time now and is now used as a site for what may be called ‘new age travellers’.
 Live in busThis is one of the ‘live in vans’ or living vehicles that provide semi permamnent dwellings complete with garden path and manicured lawn.
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