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The first reference to the Norris family in Chewton Mendip was in 1913 when Ellen Norris, who was the daughter of Lewis Norris and  attended Chewton Mendip school from 1908 to 1913 when she left for service. They were living in ‘Emborogh & roads’and her previous school was Ston Easton.
The Norris family were living in White stile when Joseph attended Chewton Mendip school in 1918.
 Frederick Norris  is buried in the new churchyard and may have severed in WW1.
 Winifred Norris was the daughter of Fred and they were living in The Folly when she attended Chewton Mendip school from 1926 to. She left for Paulton School in 1933.
 Arthur Norris was living  in Chewton Hill when his children attended Chewton Mendip School in the 120s and 1930s.
 Charles Norris was living at Red Hill when his children attended Chewton Mendip school in the 1920s and 1930s but Albert was listed as the father of Evaline May Norris  of Red Hill when she attended Chewton Mendip school in the 1940s.
Royston Norris was staying at the Lodge, Chewton House when he was evacuated to Chewton Mendip in World War 2. He started at South St Bedminster school but moved to Southville Junior Mixed school before being evacuated. He was transferred to L.C.C village hall party.
Charles Norris was living in East End Cottages when his son, Stanley attended Chewton Mendip school in the 1930s and 1940s.
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