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Blackmans or AddamsThis extract from the 1794 map shows the approximate location of the modern field called Blackmans which is marked with the red spots. This shows that the boundaries from several fields have been removed to create the modern field called Blackmans. The white spot identifies the location of the modern White House which is still standing. Adam’s corner is clearly visible but the building is demolished. The building just at the top is Bell Farm and the house marked with Green is Ivy Cottage. Grove Farm is at the top of this extract.
There was  a family called Blackman in the village in the 18th century. There are references to William, John and ‘widow’ Blackman in the churchwarden and poor book records from about 1700 to 1736.
 The farm in was in the  Town and some of it may have belonged to the Kingsmills.  It may have been taken over by Richard Lansdown c1740.
 The field marked 852 in the top-left-hand corner is called Dudhill which may provide an alternative source of the name Blackmans. There were test pits dug for coal in what is now Bendals Grove which were unsuccessful hence ‘dud hill’ which supports the theory that Dudwell farm is so-called because there was a ‘dud well’ there.
 There is evidence of successful mining from earlier times in the area which could be the source of the names ‘black mans’  which could place ‘Blackmans’ in other locations nearby such as Eakers Hill.
 The Blackams estate in the 18th century possibly included the field marked Anstee in the 1794 map.
 The 1839 tithe map suggests the Blackmans farmhouse was based on the site of the modern Waldegrave house where John Parfitt was the tenant. He was the Waldegraves agent and may have been responsible for building a house that he considered suitable for his position.
 John James Habgood was the tenant of  Blackmans  Farm in in 1871 but William Mitchell was living in what was called Blackmans Cottage. This may have ben Waldegrave House or part of the farm
 The Victorian school register refers to several families living at Blackmans or Blackmans buildings which could refer to either the farm or ‘cottage’.
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