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File 2021a is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and lists ‘disbursements’. It refers to the 1733 or 1734.
 Poor relief was often given in the form of cloth or other materials so the poor could earn their keep. James Curtis was a taylor who was frequently paid for making clothes for the poor. It is not clear what a ‘mark’ was in this context but The following words used in the text have been translated.
 “jukle” – should be “inkle” and means a linen tape or ribbon.  In the context, it was the tape attached to an apron.
 “whitel” is a type of woollen shawl, variously spelled whittle, whitil, whitel, etc.  Traditionally worn in Wales, but the term had spread by this date.
 The reference to the Royal Oak is of interest and it suggests that it was on the site of what was later the Waldegrave arms. Most of the other references to pubs specify the Unicorne which was probably owned by the Kingsmills. Royal Oake has Royalist connotations and it is significant that the parish was paying for a stranger found dead rather than paying to accommodate him in the pub.
 Transcribed by Mike Gould. The technical terms are defined by Polly Rubery.The transcribed text is in italic.
Other Disburstments as follows   £   s   d
Disburst to Robt Phelpses family in ye small pox at severall times   2   10   0
pd ye Tender for Robt Phelpses family for 5 weeks in ye small pox   0   10   0
pd for a Lock for ye Church House   0   0   10
pd for cloath to make a Bed & Boulster for Tho: Brook, Ed: Butt have ye Bed   0   6   8
& for making & filling ye bed & boulster   0   2   0
pd for a Shift for Hester Cole   0   2   10
pd for a Shift for Jane Atwoods maid   0   1   10
pd for a sack of cole (coal) for Wm Langlie   0   0   11
pd to Eliz: Spere in her sickness   0   1   0
Gave Joane Hill in her distress   0   0   6
pd for 23 yards of cloath at 1s:6d½ pr yard   1   15   5
pd for 6 dozn of buttons at 3d pr dozn   0   1   6
pd for half a pound of thread   0   1   2
Gave Joane Hill in distress   0   1   0
Gave Eliz: Spear in her sickness   0   0   6
Gave Wm Langley in distress   0   0   6
Disburst to Wm Langley at severll times   0   1   0
pd to James Curtis for marks for 19 people   0   3   2
& for making 7 garments   0   10   6
& for 1 yard & halfe of cloath at 1s:6d pr yard   0   2   3
pd for making a gown & apron & jukle for Jane Atwoods maid   0   2   0
pd for 5 yards of blue shagg 1 yard of white shagg 1 yd of check for to make coats            
& whitels for Jane Atwoods maid   0   4   6
Gave Eliz: Spere in her sickness   0   0   6
pd for An Order for Removing John Silcock   0   5   0
Gave Jone Hill in her sickness   0   0   6
pd for ye funerall of Jane Atwoods Child   0   12   0
pd for a sack of cole (coal) for Wm Langly   0   0   11
Gave Wm Langley in his distress   0   0   6
Gave Eliz: Spear in her distress   0   0   6
pd for cloath for 2 shirts for Samll Tovey   0   4   0
pd County Stock Money   0   8   0
pd for ye Instructions for ye Highways   0   2   6
pd for ye funerall of A Stranger Died at ye Royall Oake   0   9   6
  10   4   0
pd Mr Thirey for 32 weeks at 6d pr week for Jane Atwoods boy   0   16   0
Transcriber note: total of transcribed amounts is £9 4s 0½d, so £1 less than written total 10 4 0
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