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 The Dwell’s Parish Records volumes 1 & 2 were published in 1913. They were a transcription of  the most fragile portions of the parish registers that had ben transcribed by the Diocesan Registry in Wells.  Some of the family information published in the website came from that source with additions from various people who are researching their family history.
The information about the Hipsisley is provided by Mike Matthews. The list refers to Ston Easton parish
Baptisms. Dec 1 1594, John son of John Hippisley Esq — son of John Hippisley III and his wife Dorothy Horner, died in 1597.
Dec 21 1594, Gabriel son of John Hippisley Esq — another son of John Hippisley III and his wife Dorothy, though closeness of his baptism date to the above John is suspicious.
Marriage. Dec 2 1594, George Skerne & Dorothy Hippisley — allegedly a daughter of John Hippisley I and Agnes Aleyn
Burial. Apr 13 1597, John son of John Hippisley Esq — this is the John baptised in 1594.
Baptisms. Aug 25 1606 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Hippisley — Thomas was a great-grandson of John Hippisley I through a junior branch of the tree. He relocated to Hambleton, Rutland where he died in 1640.
Feb 2 1606 Elizabeth daughter John Hippisley Jnr — daughter of John Hippisley IV and his wife Elizabeth Organ. John IV’s father John III didn not  die until 1608, hence the “Jnr” epithet.
Burial. Nov 19 1606 Dorothy wife of John Hippisley III.
Baptisms. Mar 27 1608 Thomas, son of Thomas Hippisley — brother of the Elizabeth baptised in 1606.
Apr 2 1608 Richard son of John Hippisley Esq [John IV].
Marriage. Apr 11 1608 John Strowde & Gertrude Hippisley,  a daughter of John Hippisley III.
Burials. June 20 1608 John Hippisley [John III].
Baptisms. 6 Apr 1609 Mary, daughter of Thomas Hippisley,  another daughter of Thomas who moved to Rutland.
Jan 26 1609 Robert son of John Hippisley [John Hippisley IV].
Burials. July 7 1636 John Hippisley.Nothing is known about him, this may be an infant burial.
Baptisms. Nov 10 1669 Preston son of Richard & Ann. Richard was the son and successor of John V. Mike Mathews has Preston’s birthdate as 10 Nov and his baptism as 26 Nov. Preston was the last Hippisley from the senior male line, the Ston Easton estate was inherited by his daughter Mary and son-in-law John Coxe.
Burials. Nov 23 1669 Ann wife Richard Hippisley. She  was Ann Yorke, the mother of Preston but htere is no confirmed link to the Yorke family of Chewton Mendip.
Nov 27 1669 – Edward Hippisley — son of John V and younger brother of Richard
 Tegg/Dagg. Details of this family is scarce so anything found about them is published.
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