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Methodist Chapel Nedge

Paynes Garage Nedge 2This is the earliest picture of the first known Methodist Chapel in the main part of Chewton Mendip near the Nedge crossroads. There was an earlier desenters chapel built in Widcombe in 1821. The 1840 tithe map describes the site shown in the photograph as a Wesleyan Chapel. A larger Methodist Chapel and school was built in Methodist Chapel after 1840 and another Methodist Chapel and school was built the 1860s at nearby Bathway cross roads.  The chapel at Nedge was a garage run by Maurice Payne by the time this picture was taken in the 1930s.
Nedge ChapelEdmund Rack did not mention a Methodist chapel when he conducted his survey in 1780 but the extract from the 1794 map shows the approximate position of the site marked with a blue spot. The field is marked  the ‘House’ because that was the name of the occupiers but it probably belonged to the Kingsmills. The track that forms a right angle probably led to White Pitts. The Gore,  and Rouse Corner are to the right of the map. The building that can be seen in the ‘House’ field is the site of Bathway Farm.
Bathway farm is not specifically mentioned in the 18th century churchwardens accounts or poor book but it is probable that Mr Secombe took over at least part of the holding. It is believed he was a clergyman with links to the Hippisleys and a member of that family were occupying Bathway  Farm and the site of the Wesleyan chapel in 1840.
It may be a coincidence that the buildings were adapted for use by the motor trade but the link between the Methodists and Mendip Motors was very strong.
The 1902 map only shows the two houses on the and the track leading to White Pits had been reduced to a footpath. The garage building on the left of the picture still stands but the central building has been demolished. The distinctive low metal picket fence is still in place.
The photograph was originally supplied by Mary Payne and a copy been provided by by Tom Randall
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