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Honewell Farm

Honeywell FarmThis ruined barn opposite Honeywell Lane  was one of the several farms in the East End  which was occupied by the Hippisley family. It also have formed  part of the modern Hippisley Farm, East End Farm or Lower East End farm.
Honewll Farm The ruin stands in field 139 in the 1794 which was close to  Rowdens Lane. There is no reference to Rowdens Lane or Honeywell in the 18th century churchwarden or poor book records transcribed so far. The 1766 ledgers make reference to Rowdens as a ‘roofless place’ but also mentions stables and yards. The Hippisley and York families were recorded as renting part of Rowdens at various times in the 18th century so it may have been one of the York holdings in East End .
It may have been known as Mannings but there is another building shown in the 1794 map was opposite a lane that has retained its name which is a better prospect as the Mannings farm
 Rowdens was split betwen Robert Speed and Edward Hippisley according to the 1840 map.
It is just shown as a single barn in the 1902 map.
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