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Green Paddock

Greens Paddock was field involved in the sale of parts of Parsonage Farm in 1785. It was listed as number 91 along with Corps Close which was 92. They were rented by Mr Hart and, presumably, his wife’s field is shown on the 1794 map. The numbers quoted in 1785 refer to a map that has not yet been found in the Hampshire Archive which holds the original list from 1785. Several names on the 1766  may provide clues.
The 18th century churchwarden and poor law accounts make references to an estate called Greens in the West end  and  East End tithings. Some records suggest it was in the Town tithing called Greens which may have included this paddock. The location of what may have been Greens Farm could be described as being in the East End or Town Tithings.
 There were several farmers with the name Green who may have given their name to the paddock but just as the Inuit people have lots of names for snow, farmers recognise many shades of green in their grass. Green Paddock implies lush pasture land.
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