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Sheppard or Sheperd is a family name that is so closely connected to a job funnction that it is difcult to determine what the earlier records are defining. Thomas Shepton, ‘a farmer of Chyweton,‘ was accused of not paying his tithes amongst other crimes and was to be investigated (or worse) by the Sherif of Somerset in 10/11/1374. The origin of the record has not ben verified but ‘Shepton’ is generally acknowledged to be derived from ‘Sheep town’.
Cornelius Sheppard was paying poor rates to Chewton Mendip parish for an estate in West End according to the 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor-law records. Various members of the family were listed as rate payers.
 The Vestry Book shows the parish paid 2.5 guinees to reset the broken leg of John Sheppard in 1767. The relationship between him and Cornelius is unknown.
Elizabeth Sheppard was listed as a lodger of Constance/Constasha Clark in Bristol Road (High Street?), Chewton Mendip in the 1851 census. She was described as a pauper, formerly and agricultural labourer from Emborow (Emborough).
 Henry Sheppard was a 48 year old agricultural labourer living in Barrow Hill in the 1871 Census. This could refer to Barrow Farm or Chew Hill or Bristol Road/High Street. He was born in Chewton Mendip and was married to Elizabeth. Some of the children attending Chewton Mendip school may have been theirs.
 A John Sheppard was given 7 days hard labour in prison in 1880 for not paying for the maintenance of his step son in Red Hill Reformatory although the step son was in the royal navy ship ‘Formidable’ at the time.  Varius membes of the family were living in th village until the modern day.
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