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Baker is a relatively common family name and  many references will refer to the job function.  There have been various bakery business in the village. The St John family ran a bakery in Bathway in the 20th century and the village shop still provides freshly baked bread and various delicacies. There are references to various members of the Baker family in Chewton Mendip but they are not mentioned the poor releif records or left their name on any farms so they were self sufficient, but not wealthy, people.
The Hampshire Archives contains several records regarding how Admiral Rober Kingsmill agreed with John Baker to build a new ‘vicarage house’ between 1799 and 1802.  The only description of the building is that it should look like Dr Baker’s house in Marksbury. Dr Baker was probably Aaron Abraham Baker who was rector of Marksbury and  a prebend of Wells Cathedral who was a doctor of divinity. He was also a magistrate and deputy lieutenant of Somerset.   He and members of his family commemorated in Marksbury church.
There is no building in Marksbury that looks like the Old Vicarage which has a distinctive stucco finish. The house built in between 1799 and 1802 may have been the Old Rectory but that is believed to have been built c1823.  Parsonage Farm in Chewton Mendip was still standing at the time so the best match is Winsbury house and Chewton House. Winsbury house was built in 1781 which is exactly the right date although the connection to Dr Baker has not yet been proven.
 A John Valentine Baker,presumably a different man but possibly related to the men involved in the ‘new vicarage’, bought Chewton Priory c1807. He was living in East India House by 1815 but he was still referred to in the 1848 sale
 Various members the ‘local’ Baker family are listed in the Victorian School registers.
 A A Ted (Edward) Baker married the widow of Arthur Brown who was killed in WW1
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