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Sperrings Lane

Sperrings LaneSperrings Lane is another name that has fallen into disuse and is not to be confused with Sperrings Green although both places are in the West End. Sperrings Lane leads to what is known as Eakers Hill . Eakers Hill  farm  is in ruins and  Grove Farm is to the right but no longer operates as a farm. Bendles Grove is on the immediate right and  Paynes Pond is near by. The gateway on the left used to be a road leading to Kingswell.
Sperrings LaneSperrings Lane is clearly marked on the 1794 map and there are numerous records in the 18th century  churchwarden accounts  and poor book  include indirect references to properties in the area. Most of the land in the area now belongs to Waldegrave family but the Kingsmills used to own several fields in the area. The link to the Sperring family is less clear but this area is physically close to the Harptrees where that family was strongly represented. It is no clear what the buildings in plot 824 were because there is no sign of them today. They may have been the elusive Nobels or  Wyches farm.
 Sperrings Lane CottagesThe 1794  map also shows other buildings  that may have been cottages. One of the was still showing in 1840.
Sperrings Lane GardenThe 1840 shows that the site shown on the right was a garden occupied by Joseph Rosewell which may have been in Reeves Lane.
Sperrings Lane FieldsThe 1794 map also shows that the field pattern was more complicated than it is today. Mearns Cross is in th top right hand corner and West End Farm is halfway down on the right.
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