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Pig Furlong

Pig FurlongThe modern Pig Furlong is close to the The Folly  seperated by Drials Lane. It may have formed part of the medeaval East Field although it could also be described as being in the Town tithing. The witness of the local stone once it has been exposed gives a clue to the source of names like White Pitts and an alternative source for the name of Whitemead.
Pig Furlong 1840 There was Pig Furlong that formed part of the holding of Mary Pain reported in the 18th century churchwarden and poor law accounts that was in the East End tithing. The 1794 map  shows that the Pig Furlong defined in 1840 and was devided into several smaller fields. The Payne family were butchers who probably kept pigs in Pig Furlong in the 19th century and the Dennings were operating the butchers until late in the 20th century. 
 It is equally possible that here was a different Pig Furlong in the East End or that Mary Pain lived in East End and included her payments for the Pig Furlong in the Town tithing with the rest of her payments.
Pig Furlong was held by Sarah Curtis in 1840.
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