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1785 Parsonage Farm

Hampshire archive (19M61/4175) is a list of the fields that were owned by the Kingsmills  and were sold to Mr (Hippisley) Cox in 1785. At least some of the fields may have been bought back at a later date based on the 1794 map. Most of the fields mentioned were part of ‘Parsonage Farm’ which is believed to have been based on the site of what is now Tudor CottageOld Vicarage. The Rev Annsely  is mentioned but he probably lived in what was shown as ‘The vicarage’ in the 1794 map but would become  the Old Rectory. The tenant for most of the fields was George Roberts but Robert Anstee also held a significant amount of land. It is not clear who the Mr Harte was but he was probably married to the Sarah Hart shown in the 1794 map. The map that the numbers refer to has not yet been identified
 The transcribed text follows in italics.
Lands occupied by George Roberts after Lady Day 1785 when the principal part of his estate was sold to Mr Coxe.
No in the map Rents for Ann. £ s d
5     15 0 0
11,12 Paddock Batches        
13 Marshway Paddock        
16 Werbury        
36 Maltmead Paddock        
41,42,43 In the East Field        
110, 111 In Dudhill Field        
4 In Croft Mead        
3 In Salt Marsh  
Lands rented by George Roberts from Lady Day 1786 late in posession of Farmer Anstee.
At Chewton.The house, outhouses garden and Orchard.
7 Woods Leg Ground        
8 Woods Acres        
9 Paddock Slade        
10 5 Acres adjoining        
20 In Chewton Fields        
21 In Chewton Fields        
22 In Litton Field        
29 Lower Webbs Paddock        
30 Chewton Close        
31 Middle Webbs Paddock        
32 Upper do        
34 Lower Maltmead        
35 Upper do
Bought on – rented by Roberts [the origional document starts a new page in two, iregular, columns]
 No  in the map   £ s d At Chewton not let £ s d
57 Scuts Hill         Several small parcels      
00 Colliers Close         In salt Marsh, In Salt Coppice      
100 In Boards Paddock         In Chewton Wood and Woods Paddock      
109 In Dudhill Field                
  At Stone Easton   £3 0 0 Clift Padock      
44 Barn Barton and Paddock         In little Eastern Mead      
  Green Field         in Holly Marsh      
  Green Field Paddock                
  Great Bendals                
Little Bendals
14 At Chewton rented by Wm Church         At Emborough      
15 Newlands   £10 0 0  In Watts Ground
Lands at Chewton yet held by Anstee
No on the map        
14 Upper Combes   £22    
15 Lower Do
Lands held at Chewton rented by Dr Annesley
94 Lower Savages        
96 Upper Do        
85 Plenty’s Paddock
At Chewton rented by Mr Harte
91 Greens Paddock   £3 0 0
92 Corps Close & Garden
103 5 0
 15 0  0
£  110  5  0
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