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Page 2003b is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769, 2003a is a blank sheet and pages  2001 and 2002 are images of the cover and inside pages so 2003b is the first page that contains original text. 2003b lists the accounts for the year of 1729 which may have been prepared by Richard Thrifel or (Thisoll/Thistle) on behalf of  William Dowling, Widd Addams & Jonas Moon. The accounts were prepared retrospectively because they are dated 30th March 1730. The Thrifel name may have been a variation of Taswell and that family had close links with the clergy and the Kingsmills which may have been influential in Richard Thrifel being made the clerk for the vestry committee. Dowling was a relatively common name and some sources identify Dowling farm as being near Priddy which would have put the Dowling estate in the Middlesex tithing. However, the Dowlings were consistently recorded as paying rates in a property in the Town tithing during the 18th century. The Dowling estate in Town was probably owned by the Hippisley family. The Adams family were already in decline and the most probable site of William Addam’s estate is Adams Grove. Jonas Moon only appars breifly in the records of Chewton Mendip at this time but Sherborne is a the name of a hamlet between Chewton Mendip and Litton. Edward Buck and Widow Perdice are other names that only appears in these records. The burial of Widow Perdice was paid for as listed in page 2004b. The Jam Linard may have been James Lenard was buried in Chewton Mendip on 13 Sep 1747.
 Transcribed by Mike Gould. The transcribed text is in italic.
The Account of Mr Richd Thrifel for late as Mr William Dowling Widd Addams & Jonas Moon for the Estate late Shurburns at Witcomb Overseers for the Poor of the Parish of Chewton for the year 1729 –
this the 30th Day of March 1730
£ S D
 Collected ten double rates which is  120 8  
Collected Ten Double Rates wch is 120 8 9
Received of the Old Overseers 15 4
Recd of Mr Fra: Boord 1 12 10
Recd of Ed Buck Jno House & Geo: Moore 8 6 11
Recd of Walt. Smyth & James Green 3 0 0
Sold as much of Sar: Willcoxes goods coms (?) as 1 12 8
We do stand charged for the sums [1] 150 12
Received of the Overseer of Witcomb 0 6 9
Disburst to the Poor for 52 weeks as follows – to the 6th of April 1730 £ s d
Pd the wid Dryal 1 month at 6s pr month and 12 months at 6s 8d p month 4 6 0
Pd Edyth Butt 8 months at 2s p month & 5 months at 3s 1 11 0
Pd Ann Palmer 1 month at 3s p month & 12 months at 4s per month 2 11 0
Pd Jams (James?) Eglesfield 1 month at 6s 3 months at 4s – 9 months at 5s pr month 3 3 0
Pd Dowlings Children 13 months at 8s pr month 5 4 0
Pd Joan Hill 9 months at 8s pr month 3 12 0
Pd John Brook 13 month at 4s pr month 2 12 0
Pd Joyce Huish 1 month at 4s and 12 months at 5 p month 3 4 0
Pd Jane Fry 1 month at 6s . 2 months at 4s and 8 months at 5s & pd of 1 month at 4s 2 18 0
Pd Hester Cole 1 month at 2s and 12 months at 4s p month 2 10 0
Pd Wid Perdice 1 month at 4s & 9 months at 6s p month 2 18 0
Pd Sarah Hill 2 months at 6s & 11 months at 4s pr month 2 16 0
Pd Martha Cole 1 month at 4s & 12 months 6s 3 16 0
Pd Jams Linard 13 months at 6s pr month 3 18 0
Pd Ann & Hannah Brook 1 month at 6s and 12 months at 8s per month 5 2 0
Pd Richd Nicholas 1 month at 6s & 1 month at 4s & 11 months at 5s pr month 3 5 0
Pd Jno Nicholas 1 month at 6s & 1 month at 4s & 11 months at 5s pr month 3 5 0
  56 11  
Transcriber note: total only matches sum of above amounts (£150 : 5s : 5¾d) when following amount (6s 9d) included.
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