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James Palmer was married to Alice when their son, also called James, was christened in Chewton Mendip on 7/7/1639 and the family  appear consistently in the records from then on. They were regular payer of poor rates in the 18th century. A James Palmer, possibly the same one, was a churchwarden in 1670.
 Evidence was given by George Palmer of Chewton Mendip against Thomas Hedges of High Littleton for speaking words to the effect that damage done to the tower of Chewton church was brought on it by the devil in 1783 (Somerset record Q/SR/153/23). It would be very ironic if Hedges was an alternative spelling of Hodges because members of this family would become the lay impropriotors and vicars of Chewton Mendip.
 James Palmer, possibly living in East End  was paying poor rates in West End in 1701 but Widow Palmer was paying for the same land in 1705 so it is assumed he died some time previously. This may have been the same James and Alice Palmer from 1639 but it is more likely this was James ‘junior’.
 Francis Palmer, who may have been James’s son was paying poor rates for a number of properties throughout Chewton Mendip but he was described as being of Emborough in 1715. Other members of the Palmer family are recorded as paying poor rates throughout the 18th century.
 A C A Palmer is listed as having served in WW1 but nothing more is known about him.
  1. Patrick Flower permalink

    I have documentation of Lamorocke Flower, sonn of Henry Flower.
    Baptized 14 Feb.1658 at Chewton Mendip, Somerset, England. I only SUSPECT Henry Flower married Joan Purnell at St. ANDREW’S Church at Chewton Magna, Somerset, England on 1 Dec. 1656. His parish was Chewton Magna, hers, Chewton Mendip, England.
    All The Best,
    Patrick Flower
    Ionia, Michigan

    • I am glad you are keeping an eye on my website. Your informtion is consistent with what I know.

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