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Burges’ Farm

Burges Coombe FarmThis barn is now part of Rookery Farm but it may be what remains of  Burges Farm  that was in the  West End . There were other  farms have near to Burges’ Coombe that could be called Burges Farm but there was a property named Burges Farm in this rough location shown in the 1839 map.
Burges FarmThe 1794 map shows a ‘T’ shaped building in plot 363 which may be the barn shown above. Rookery farm is to the left of the map and all of the other buildings shown in the map are no longer standing. The ruins of the buildings in plots 882 and 579 are still visible and this part is called Grigg’s Pit. There is no sign of the the building in plot 359 which could be considered to be part of Grigg’s Pit or Willet’s Farm.
The 18th century churchwarden accounts or the poor-law records show the Burge’s family paying rates for a property until about 1752 when the York family took responsibility for part of it. The York family were probably based in  Adam’s Corner  or West End Farm at the time. The Burges family continued to pay rates for part of the property.
The Curtis family may have been based in Ivy Cottage  or Rookery Farm at the time.
 Burges Farm had been split up by 1839 and it is assumed the buildings were incorporated into Rookery Farm.
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