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Evidence was given by George Weaver,  a labourer,  against John White of Chewton Mendip, a  lead miner,  concerning the theft of cheeses belonging to Mr Brice of Chewton in 1677. This does not mean that George was resident in Chewton Mendip and there are earlier records of the Weaver  family living in Emborough.
George Weaver was paying poor rates in West End in the early to mid 18th century. He may have been the same person as George North Weaver or George North.
Chewton Mendip paid for the examination of Betty Weaver in 1763 so she was living in Chewton Mendip but her right to settlement as disputed. It is not currently known what the outcome of her examination was.
 There are records of members of the Weaver family living, or being buried in Chewton Mendip after 1763. John Weaver of Chewton Mendip was the victim of crime when John Wells was examined in december 1850 concerning the theft of one ham and a pork chop, value 10/ [10 shillings or 50p]. The JP was J Scobell.
 The Wells Journal reported in 1851 that “an inquest was held before R. Uphill, Esq., on the body of Betty Weaver. It appeared that the old woman was washing with her back to the fire, when by some means her clothes became ignited, and were actually burnt off her
 Edward Weaver was living at Edge Hill (Nedge) when his children attended Chewton Mendip school in the Victorian era. Other members of the family were living in The Folly.
 It is believed that a member of the Weaver family was present at the Waldgrave tenants lunch in the 1950s.
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