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Old Ford Farm

Old Ford FarmOld Ford Farm is on the  Litton Road and is in Litton Parish but the hamlet of Ford is divided between Chewton Mendip and Litton. A set of buildings, which may have ben a farm or mill are shown in the 1794 and  1840 maps. Most of the houses would have looked something like this until the introduction of relatively cheap slate in the 1830s and 1840s replaced thatch or tiles. The inclusion of this property suggests in the maps suggest that it was part of Chewton Mendip at the time or that it was owned by the Waldegraves. The  Dowlings Farm in Lower Street   is close by but that belonged to the Kingsmill family.
Old Ford FarmThere may have been a water mill on the site because there is documentary and physical evidence of a mill stream,or leat, running behind the farmhouse which makes a sharp right hand turn next to the site of a building that would have been to the left of the picture or above the buildings shown in the extract from the 1794 map on the right. This building has been called  Old Ford Farm Building 2. There was another building called Old Ford Farm Building 1 which may have been a mill.
The 1766 ledgers show that the Culliford family held the lease on a mill that fits the description of the building shown in the 1794 map.
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