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Bath Way Bathway is a hamlet that has formed around a crossroads between Chewton Mendip and Wells running roughly north-south and Emborough and Cheddar running roughly east-west. It straddles all of the former tithings. All of the buildings marked with yellow have been demolished but a few new buildings have been added since 1794 when the map was drawn.
The red dot marks the site of the former Methodist chapel which is now a private house. The green dot is the approximate location of Chewton Field House and the blue spot identifies a more recent property, Churnwell House. The large building in the field marked 230 is what is now Hellards Builders yard. The building in field 177 are now known as Hillview and Hillside Cottages
The large building marked Jenkins esq, known as Mr Jenkins house,  is one of only two buildings that are drawn in detail in the 1794 map, the other is the church. This shows the house that existed on the site of the Chewton Priory. The 1740 map shows there was nothing on the site of Mr Jenkin’s house but there were a number of buildings on the site. The 1766  is not clear about what was on the site.
The building on the corner of the site of Mr Jenkin’s house may have been a blacksmith shop run by the Gait family in 1740 but it may have been later been occupied by the Fillis family.
 The last Post Office and one of the last two shops run by the St John family was based on the crossroads
 Bathway Cottages before the fireThis shows the old cottages that were probably the building marked at the crossroads in the field marked 1794 in the map. The children probably attended Chewton Mendip school but so many were described as coming from Bathway it is impossible to say with certainty who they were.One of the cottages later burnt down so new houses were built in their place.
 Bathway with manThis is a similar view but the houses on the other side of the cross roads can be seen in more detail.
 Bathway Cottage FireThis picture shows the destruction of the cottages shown in the pictures above. The photograph was first published by the Somerset Guardian in 1979 and Gladys Cook, who supplied the photograph, estimated the fire took place c1929. This copy was supplied by Jeff Ford.
Bathway from NedgeThis is a view taken around the same time as the first two pictures but from the opposite direction. The disjointed buildings in the 1794 map had been filled in to produce a terrace of cottages whilst the houses that would have been on the left of this photograph had already been demolished. Copies of these photographs can be held by several people in the village but farmed copies can be purchased from Barrie Pictures.
The right angle kink in the road seen in the earlier maps is known as Rouse Corner and was turned into a lay by within living memory.
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