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 Green is a family name that is relatively common and one theory for the origin of the name Green Ore is that it is derived from Green Worth or farm but that is unlikely. Green Paddock is an example of how the word ‘green’ may contribute to the names of places in many ways.
 There were several ‘Farmer Greens’ who was probably fairly prosperous in the 17th and 18th centuries because he was acting as a village overseer. They were probably living in what is called Greens Farm in East End for at least some of the time. Various members of what was probably the same branch of the Green family appears as farmers until the 20th century.
Walter Green was the publican in the ‘old’ Waldegrave Arms in the late Victorian era and it could be his children seen in the picture published in this website and on display in the ‘new’ Waldegrave Arms. His children are listed in the school registers and feature in some of the old class photographs.
 Harry Green, from a different branch of the family, came to the village from Oakhill in 1928.  He and his sons and other relatives appear in a number of articles. Harry took over the tenancy of Dudwell farm and his son, Arthur, was the last person to farm there. Arthur and his wife Margaret still live in the village.  Pictures of their time at Dudwell have been used to illustrate farming in general and haymaking in particular. Members of this branch of the Green family can be seen participating in agricultural shows and social events.  The Green brothers also formed part of the ‘home defence’ forces in World War 2 and can be seen in a photograph in the page about Burges’s Coombe.
 Brian Green is seen in many of the pictures about farming and he is also famous for discovering a lost heard of coins. Terry Green and his wife Pat have provided a service to the history of the village by keeping documents about the church and a picture of Brook Cottage that can be seen in the page about Kings Hill. Duncan Green is one of the few remaining working farmers in the village.
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